Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Call them Customers Part II

Yesterday I was speaking with a lady who in Dec of '05 helped me get my minivan unstuck from the snow. Here's a link to the original post. During our conversation we were talking about many different things, one of them travel. She was telling me how she would love to do some traveling. So I simply told her to "just do it", don't wait for that one day, it may never come. She then proceeded to tell me "You know, you have no clue how much you have an impact on people." She brought up my above mentioned getting stuck in the snow and said, "remember when you got stuck in the snow and my neighbor came out and asked how you were doing, you're reply was 'I'm doing great!'." She then told me how she made a note and put it on her desk at school (she's a teacher) that says "Thank Micah" so when she's in a bad time she can remember to be cheerful, and it's still there today. Once again I thank God for the reminder of how much I don't realize that people are always watching and listening to what I do and say.