Monday, January 01, 2007

A Country Drive

People tell me man is but an animal with an opposable digit, a little luckier than apes. As I drove through the countryside in absolute awe of the incredible sunset displayed before me, I caught sight of a rainbow as brilliant as the sparkle of a freshly cut diamond. While I considered the majesty and import of this colorful jewel, I passed a field of grazing cattle, seemingly oblivious to the beauty surrounding them. It occurred to me that there is no other creature on the face of the earth able to comprehend the wonders of God. The cattle were dumbly eating their dinner, taking note of nothing other than what is in their survival instincts. You may tell me we evolved from apes, but I tell you, open your eyes and look around. I contend that we did not evolve from monkeys. If we did and it was all chance why would Jesus have died for such a mundane creature as us? Did He also die so that monkeys might know Him?