Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bachelor's, Are We All Alike?

So this morning I get up to take a shower, and find out the water is cold. I assume Andrew had used all the hot water recently. An hour and a half later I try the water again and find it is still cold, guess what, the water heater has finally given up. Here's the thing, we've known for months now that it was going out on us, but we didn't get around to cleaning up our apartment enough so they could come in and replace it. And now here we are in the same position having to clean up our apartment so they can come in and replace it. This mornings shower was the coldest most miserable one I can remember in my life, even in foreign countries where there wasn't any hot water at least the climate was hot. Last night we were visiting Mark and Patty Harris for Mark's birthday, and the subject came up about her sister, Debbie, cleaning their house. Andrew and I got to thinking that maybe we should give her a call. What do you think? Are we really just bums?