Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Search of a Passion :: Cultured Creations

Today we focus our attention on the absolutely fascinating world of cheese. Most people are unaware that only 48 of the world's countries actively participate in creating cheese for all to enjoy. What a shame not all choose to participate and share in the joy of cultured creations. I would like to propose at the next Olympics in 2008 that we have a Cheese Summit. Since everyone will be there anyway, it won't be that much of a hassle. Now let's turn our attention to the classification of cheese.

Cheese can be classified according to the animal whose milk it was produced from (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, horse or camel) or according to the texture and type of rind. The latter is the prefered method. Some of the types include: fresh soft, soft mold ripened, hard and semi-hard, washed rind, blue, gouda, smoked, grated and sliced. As an example the classic American Cheese would fit into the subcategory of semi-soft under fresh soft. You would be surprised to find that America alone has more than 25 very well known types and hundreds of lesser known.

You might be wondering how I became so intrigued with this captivating subject. Well it all started at a party. We were doing some praise and worship with some friends and then we had a cheese tasting. We had 3 different types of cheeses and before trying them we would read about their history and where they came from in the world. Now I have discovered that this is most definately not my life passion, but hey it could be pretty darn close. I invite you to learn more about cheese by visiting or

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Life Passion

What is this feeling inside me, trying to dig its way out? Is it apprehension? Perhaps anxiety or discontent? Regardless its origin, it is something I'm not altogether familiar. I am one who is normally extremely content with life. I don't struggle with trusting God with His plan for my life (at times I wonder, but it's few and far between). What's different? Is it that I'm about to turn 25, or perhaps reading all my friend's blogs and seeing them struggle with the deep questions of life, or maybe, just maybe it could be that I've neglected focusing on what in the world it is that God wants me to do when I "grow up." God has blessed me and my life in so many incalculable ways I can't even begin to describe it. I have family and friends that make me wealthier than any billionaire on earth. They are all strong Christians that want to see God's best in my life, and yet I have such a hard time taking advice and applying it. Why do I struggle with this? Because I perceive their advice to be what they want to see me do in life, not what I desire. My perceived notions would be wrong, most people want to see me find my niche and so they give advice based on how they might achieve that. Some have told me I need to go to college, and yet I struggle against that with every fiber of my being. Why should I go to college, to get a good job? I already have that! According to the world I have become a moderate success, and I know that if I continue in the "career" track I will only do better and better in life. If going to college is not just about a good job, maybe it's about learning how to think or becoming a well rounded individual, perhaps it's to show others and yourself that you can start and finish something (self-discipline). Isn't this what life's all about? Why pay someone else tens of thousands of dollars to do this? (I don't deny the benefits of college to anyone, it's just something I've personally struggled with.) And so I sit here in Indianapolis, Indiana at the top of the globe, the world awaits me, sitting at my feet, begging to be explored. And it strikes me, I'm not looking for a career or job in life but a passion. A passion I can invest my life in. What is my deepest passion? What makes my heart yearn? What is that one thing I ache to do? How about you?...