Sunday, December 31, 2006

Moving Day

Today I had the opportunity to help Jonathan and Anne move! They just got a great deal on a house in St. Paul when a church had to unload it. We got them totally moved in except some unpacking in the spare bedrooms. I stayed around while they had the satellite guy come out to install a dish on the house. He was quite an interesting guy who moved here five years ago from Kenya. I wished him "Mungu aku bariki," (God bless you - Swahili) a phrase I learned several years ago while working at Family Christian Stores. Bill, the satellite guy, was surprised that I knew any of his language. We had quite an interesting conversation, I know he believes in God but I don't know if he is a Christian. It surprises me how much one can know of the Bible but not be a believer. Today I learned that I'm not always sensitive to what God is doing in other's hearts that He wants to use me to encourage toward Him.

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