Monday, August 14, 2006


Well, it's been three and a half months! We finally have hot water again, thankfully before it becomes cooler outside. But should we be praised for finally getting on the ball and asking the maintenance people to come out and fix it, hardly. Let me tell you what happened. Saturday morning, our neighbor, Virginia, comes knocking on our door because she has water leaking into her apartment from ours. She originally thought it was her hot water heater that had gone bad, but when the maintenance came over they discovered it was ours. He then came in and took a look at ours and said he would come over first thing Monday morning to have it replaced. I apologized for the apartment being so messy, but he understood how bachelors are. All he asked was that we have a path cleared from the kitchen to the door and to have the counters cleaned off. I told him no problem. Well Andrew and I got up early this morning and did some serious cleaning for about an hour and fifteen minutes. That's all it took to get it cleaned up enough for us to feel comfortable having them in. So here we are three and a half months later taking cold showers when all it had to take was a combined two and a have hours. So I end this post like I did the one on April 26th; are we bums?

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Anonymous Anonymous supposed...

Heck yes you guys are! (bums I mean...) Maybe you should live in your car, at least then the mess would be confined!

~ Guess Who!

9:05 PM  
Blogger SweetChicken supposed...

That's actually not a bad idea for the two of you...

And, um... need I comment on the last question? :D

1:07 AM  
Blogger Barb supposed...

No--I'm your mother--I'm supposed to be in your corner! But lest you think my love is blind...: You are not bums, but you're giving a good imitation of being bums. I think you just have priorities...which may possibly need to be reconsidered...but then again, I'm writing in mid-October, and it sounds as if you both have already reconsidered and "cleaned up your act." (But if you go back to your "other way of doing business" the car idea ain't bad...)

10:30 AM  

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