Monday, February 13, 2006

Wasted Worship

Sunday morning as we were singing in church, I started thinking about worshipping* God. I realized that lately, unfortunately, I've really just been going through the motions. Worshiping God is much more than just singing the words on the screen. It's meditating on the meaning of the words. Focusing on God's magnificence. Enjoying His presence. Crying out to Him. Begging for more of Him in my life - and so much more. For me, the whole sum of my relationship with God is able to be expressed through worship. If I haven't been spending time with Him lately, or have a sin in my life, I don't give all of myself to Him. Now, it's not about having a good "God" feeling, all warm and tingly. Worship is an expression of yourself to God, as well as God's self to you. During worship I am giving myself to Him. Worship does not have to be "raise your hands and dance around", but it does have to be from the heart and not just the lips. To honor God through worship we must focus our thoughts on God, rather than the events of the past week or coming day. Before service starts I like to take a few moments to think about God so my mind is in the right place. Is your worship wasted?

*For the purposes of this post worship is used to reference singing.

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Blogger SweetChicken supposed...

For me, worship in the form of singing is the way that I prepare myself for worship in other ways -- meditation on the Word, prayer, and living day to day.

Often times the words of songs will convict me... I use this time to reflect on whether or not I am living the way I really want to live. Then when I get down to the nitty gritty of worship -- truly bringing myself to God and communing with him -- I am ready.

You meditate before you sing; I sing before I meditate. For me, the singing is all about my bringing myself before Him -- telling Him that I want to be with Him. The singing part of worship is all me -- *I bring myself before Him, *I tell Him how I'm feeling and what *I desire to be like. Or, if you will, the singing is all about *Him -- lifting *Him up, adoring *Him, singing *His glory and grace. The rest is about *us. *We discuss important things; *we work through issues in my life; *we grow closer.

So while I totally agree with you that the words of the songs need to meditated on and sung from our hearts, it signifies something different to me.

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