Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dogs Part I

Dogs are born noble creatures
But when they see those feline sneakers
Out come their protector features
With snarling lips and pointy teeth
They bark and growl with rage and seeth
Reminding us that cats are not
A kind and altruistic lot
So give a shout anytime you see
A cat sneaking 'round next to me
Cage it, chain, it, keep it away
Let those dogs run free all day

5 Supposings:

Anonymous Barb Irwin supposed...

Cats are such delicate creatures
They're not like dogs, who seem to have seizures.
Because they are jealous of kitty attributes
Dogs bark fiercely with crazed attitudes.
Refinement dogs don't understand
Good manners they can't quite command
When faced with cats' superiority
Their behavior shows their inferiority.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous J. Irwin supposed...

Gorillas now, they're the rave. Have one of those and you are sure to be the fave.
Walk down the steet with one by your side.
You surely won't have to run and hide.
They are such manly creatures. They have such ruggedly handsome features.
They are fit for a king. Doesn't that have a nice ring?
They would never be caught brushing their hair.
Heaven forbid, they would be combing with a quite flashy aire.
Cats or dogs! Such a bore!
A real man would have a gorilla to greet at his door!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous supposed...

A worm I would say
To save the day
How about those wiggly things
They dig and slither through earthy rings
Creating many porous trails
Now catch one and put it in a pail
Go fishing and create a whale of a tale
Those little slimy beings
Can create quite a stir
When used to act as little fiends
With all these many possibilities
What wouldn't one give
To with one live!

2:10 PM  
Blogger SweetChicken supposed...

I think that among God's many creatures,
The fish is the one with the best features.
Swimming quietly throughout all the day,
They never have need to go out to play.
Not big or noisy; they take little room;
All they need is a tank and rocks of blue.
Beautiful colors and long flowing fins
Often bring to small faces lots of grins.
So give me a tank and a tiny fish;
To watch all day long is all I would wish.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Ziggie supposed...

Cats, Dogs, Gorillas, worms
and fish you say?
Yet I have a pet that will help you today.
The pet that I have is a pet like no other
This pet eats pests and sometimes little brothers.
It sleeps all day and flies at night
It almost always wins in a fight.
This pet won't leave you alone for long
For when you wake he'll be where he belongs.
This pet of which I speak is nice
An owl will get rid of all your mice.

7:07 PM  

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