Saturday, February 04, 2006

Breakfast Memories

Thank goodness for Pillsbury! As a guy that can't cook worth a hill of beans (want proof, ask people about my peach pie), Pillsbury is a savior to me this morning. Here I am eating blueberry waffles that are pretty darn tasty. (Disclaimer: Don't try this at home without trained help; I have no idea what actual ingredients are required to prepare blueberry waffles.) Did I have to get out the flour and milk or buy a thing of blueberries? Heck no! That's good, because I don't have any of those items in my kitchen right now. Hence this is the reason why I'm eating blueberry waffles and not my usual cereal. All I had to do was spend a buck at Meijer 'cause they were on sale and then drop them in the toaster. Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Why in the world is he talking about his breakfast?" For two reasons: I am easily amused and it brought back some very fond memories from childhood. While growing up I had cereal all the time for breakfast, which is probably why I love it so much now, as well as its convenience and simplicity in preparation. These Pillsbury blueberry waffles (say that five times fast) don't even compare to home-cooked ones and especially not my mom's. She would, now and then, make pancakes, waffles or french toast (my favorite). When I was younger I wanted to have this stuff every week, but looking back I'm glad I didn't. It made it much more special, because it gave me something to look forward to; it was a surprise. You know the saying, too much of a good thing isn't. One of my other favorite fond memories is Mom getting up early in the spring or summer to make blueberry muffins. We'd take them over to a park and have breakfast and play awhile. Those were some awesome times. Speaking of blueberry muffins, two blueberry muffins were sitting in an oven...ok, ok I'll stop! To any of you parents out there, this goes to show that you can take the commonplace, the ordinary and make it very special to your kids, with a little creativity and love on your part. It's building special memories for a lifetime. I call them, Breakfast Memories.

Thanks Mom!!

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Blogger SweetChicken supposed...

I love your mom soo much!!

It's good to hear about your memories. Makes me think back to the little things that were special when I was growing up.

One of my favorite memories is when I woke up just not wanting to go to school. And one of my housemom's took my temperature and asked me a couple questions. I didn't lie. I just didn't want to go to school. So she tucked me back into bed, and went and made a gallon of orange pekoe tea. She put like six bags in and filled the jug with warm water, and then she let it sit in the sun. And when I woke up around ten, she let me take a blanket outside, and we sat in the sun together, just waiting for the tea to warm up. And when it had steeped, she brought out mugs and put honey in the bottoms and we drank orange pekoe and honey tea.

To this day I can't have orange pekoe without honey. And I don't really care for cold tea. Everytime I make a cup of tea, I think of my Aunt Cindy.

Who knew that orange pekoe tea could be so special?

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous supposed...

It was great chatting with you last night! I miss all of you guys. ~ Kaylie

10:22 AM  
Blogger Kaylie supposed...

It was great talking with you the other night.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous (Barb) Mom supposed...

You're welcome, Micah. It was my pleasure! It was so much fun seeing the fun you all had on our little "excursions." I wouldn't have missed parenting you all for anything!!

2:09 PM  

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