Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Call them Customers

I call them customers. They're the people that allow me to pay my bills because they give me work to do. But sometimes they become more than just customers. I have built many great relationships and friendships with the customers on my route. As you know I enjoy talking and getting to know new people. I do what I can above and beyond the call of my job description to make sure the customer is taken care of. In so doing I have great rapport with many of them. This holiday season I saw the spirit of Christmas come out from some of my customers I don't know very well. I managed to get my work vehicle stuck in some ice and snow. After working for about 25 mins to get myself out, one of my customers pulled over to help me out. Now imagine, a lady driving a nice car wearing nice clothes and a very nice coat pulling over to help a guy with a dirty old minivan! She ran home and got some hot water, ice, cardboard and came right back. Eventually some others came out to help and I was on my way. It was just so great to see the community come together to help me out. And this lady, my customer, thought nothing of helping a "servant" out of the snow. I pray God will bless her for her willingness and kindness.

Keep your eyes open to how you can help someone!!

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